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Speak German : IPhone App


Speak German – IPhone App


Description :-

A complete app about German,
it gives you learning and speaking knowledge about German/Deutsch
introduction about German
Pronunciation for German
Greetings in German
General Conversation
German while Resturants/hotel/breakfast/lunch/dinner
German in Emergency Situations / Medical / Fire / Police
German while searching the address / help
Countings in German
Body parts
and many more..

Download Link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speak-in-german/id429891568?mt=8&ls=1



Maldives Travel : IPhone App

Download Link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/maldives-travel/id43385133…

Best App for Maldives

A complete & Beautiful Application about Maldives.
Must have one for Travelers to Maldives.

It gives you information about

Maldives Beaches
Male’ the Capital
Sights in male’
Islamic Centre,
Hukuru Misilkey
Artificial Beache,
Sultan park and Museum
Jumhooree Maidan – Republic square
Fish Market
Local Market
Main Jetty
Peoples Majis
Tomb of Mohammed ThakurFaanu.. etc…

Water Sports

Hundreds of Hotels, Resorts and Guest Houses , Contact numbers,
websites, email, address etc..

Many Airlines Contacts,

Markets in Maldives, Shopping , Souvenir

Transportation, Taxi’s numbers, Dhoni, Sea Plane, inter islands transportations, Airport Ferries, Seaplanes Services, Speedboats etc..

General terms of Local language, Dhivehi..counting, greetings, at restaurants etc..

Useful and Emergency Contacts,

Eating out tips..

Useful tips while traveling to Maldives..Piece of advices..

Map of Maldives..

A must have app for Maldives visitor, highly recommended..

Speak Thai – IPhone App


Speak Thai – IPhone App


A very useful apps about thai language. Ad free version.
You can know about English pronunciation for General thai. Yes,no, sorry ,
Thank you, how are you etc.. General thai word used while Greetings, Bargain, drinking and eating
Health, help etc.

Find the screen shot below about the app.
Worth to download while travelling to phuket.

Also check our main app phuket by devu.info

in which you will get many other thing about phuket like beaches,hotels, restaurants, islands, bays, speak thai, markets, festivals, fantasea, bangla road etc.

Download Link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speakinthai/id420593917?mt=8&ls=1

Speak French : IPhone App

Speak French

A complete App about Romance language French
Going to France without knowing French ?
It will give you guidance about every aspect of French.
General French
French While lunch/ dinner / breakfast / restaurants
Expressions in French
Emergency Situation
Numbers/ Counting

Download Link :  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speak-french/id428815991?mt=8&ls=1

Singapore Travel : IPhone App

Singapore  Travel – IPhone App


A complete app about Singapore,

For visitors as well as locals,

Works Offline,
it gives you information about Singapore, Places to visit, attractions,
events in singapore, Tranportation, Airlines, Help, Cab, Bus, Maps,
Hotels, Restaurants, Sentosa, Shopping Malls, Useful tips, marina bay,
orchard, zoo, night safari, bird park , Raffles places, novena, city hall,
Museums, Bugis, China town, little India, Merilion,Science Center,
Singapore Flyer, Gardens..
and so many more..
along with Facebook connectivity. so you can post to your wall anytime.

on next version we are trying to keep more information for each and
everything, also adding small small things which we may miss,

Worth to buy.

Phuket IPhone App

Phuket Travel


Phuket – IPhone App



If you love to travel, you will love Phuket, this app gives you information about each and everything about Phuket.Beaches, Bays, islands, Restaurants, Hotels, places to see, help infomation, thai language basics, Fantasea, zoo, bangla road, malls, maps, airlines information, markets, along with social connectivity with your friends.

once you download and see, you will say, its worth to download this app.

(click on the image to download this app)