Speak Thai – IPhone App


Speak Thai – IPhone App


A very useful apps about thai language. Ad free version.
You can know about English pronunciation for General thai. Yes,no, sorry ,
Thank you, how are you etc.. General thai word used while Greetings, Bargain, drinking and eating
Health, help etc.

Find the screen shot below about the app.
Worth to download while travelling to phuket.

Also check our main app phuket by devu.info

in which you will get many other thing about phuket like beaches,hotels, restaurants, islands, bays, speak thai, markets, festivals, fantasea, bangla road etc.

Download Link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speakinthai/id420593917?mt=8&ls=1


2 responses to “Speak Thai – IPhone App

  1. Great little app. Very handy. My partner & I are travelling to Phuket at the end of Oct, our second visit. The first being in June.
    On my return visit to Phuket, that I now know what the language/communication looks & sounds like. Tonal in comparison to the phonetics of languages that I have been interested in before.
    This app & other apps like this one, are a real asset in practising the tonal language if Rhai, in an effort to learn as much as possible.
    It’s amazing that the same one word in Thai can mean five, totally different things – at different ends of the social language spectrum. separated from each meaning by the varying tones if the spoken word.
    My return trip promises to be even more of a gift, if, as a woman, I am able to integrate with other woman on this trip.
    Back to practising.
    Is there a good language app yet?
    Claudia London

    • thanks for the Kind Words Claudia,

      Sorry for the late reply, i have been busy developing
      several apps for android and Iphone, since the festive season is around.
      there are some more apps by us, speak in german, french and spanish, you might wanna have a look.

      Have a Nice Journey to Phuket

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